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Sonoma County CalFresh

How to Ensure Your Benefits Continue Uninterrupted

Most CalFresh households (except change reporting households) are required to turn in a completed Semi-Annual report form (SAR7) once every 6 months.

The SAR7 is due by the 5th day of the submit month (the Sixth month of the semi-annual period). For example, in a January 1-June 30 semi-annual period, the SAR7 is due before June 5, June being the submit month. If it has not arrived by the 11th, it is considered late. The family will be terminated on the last day of the payment report period (in the example above, the termination would take effect June 30) if the county does not have SAR7 or has only an incomplete SAR7 from the family. If the SAR7 does not arrive by the first day of the next semi-annual period (July 1 in the example above), the household is terminated from aid, and must re-apply to receive benefits again.

Completing and returning your SAR7 accurately and on time is the only way to ensure your benefits continue without interruption.

However, if you sign a written SAR7 before the first day of the submit month, it will be considered incomplete. If the form is not signed by the head of household, or the eligibility questions are not fully answered or verified, it will be considered incomplete. The exception to this is if you fail to verify child support or spousal support payments or other deductions, the form will not be considered complete, but your deduction may not be allowed.

f you get a notice of an incomplete SAR7 and you think you have turned it in, you can ask for a hearing prior to the termination and get an “aid paid pending” status, which means your aid will continue until you have a fair hearing. If you have already been cut off, you may still request a hearing, but you won’t get aid paid pending the hearing. In that case you should reapply and talk to your worker about “good cause.” For more information, see:

Additionally, you must report any change in your status within 10 days of the change occurring, whether or not your SAR7 is due. Changes that require mandatory reporting include: address changes, moving out of state, moving out of the county, and if you have no children in your home, any reduction of work hours to less than 20 hours per week (if you had been working before).